Dr. (H) Haffner

The today's general surgeon and multiple specialist has concluded his medicine study and his doctorate in Budapest, Hungary, in the Semmelweis university in 1979. Dr. Haffner has begun his professional career in capital of Hungary with a place as a houseman of the surgery in the big land hospital Franz Flor. From 1983 he was a houseman in the doctor's advanced training university, II. Chir. Chair in Budapest where he has become in 1985 a specialist of the surgery. He already operated as a houseman, however, later than senior physician hundreds of Hernien, varicose veins, biles and intestinal operations, carried out also many breast operations - including bigger breast cancer operations - as well as sign glands and other cervical operations and operations to face.
With this comprehensive experience he came in 1989 to Germany and became there in 1990 a functional senior physician in the surgery-vascular surgery of the Marien's hospital in Bochum Wattenscheid. From 1995 he was a senior physician and provisional department manager of the vascular surgery in Marl, late senior physician and head's of department representative of the surgery in Stuttgart, civil hospital - house of the maximum care and in the vascular surgery in the main hospital in Moers. in 2000 he founded his private practice in Cologne centre which now one patient's trunk of 14,000 patients has and offers comprehensive achievements in the area of the vessel-varicose vein surgery, intimate surgery, Proktologie and aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Haffner owns the Hungarian and German specialist's recognition of the surgery, the second specialist's rank in the area of the vascular surgery, as well as additional names in Phlebologie and Proktologie. It owns the European specialist's certification in the area of the aesthetic surgery by successfully concluded check before the Internationally Board of Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge and is therefore the EU - certificated more cosmetically and cosmetic surgeon.

Dr. (H) Katalin Berger

if her study finished university in Budast with "cum laude" in 1979 with licence to practise medicine and doctorate in the Semmelweis. Then she worked as an Asstistenzärztin in the Rheumatologie of Franz Flor of land hospital near Budapest. After end of the rheumatologischen education in 1983 she became a senior physician of the department Rheumatologie and looked to 1988 thousands from rheumatologisch and orthopaedic ill patients. In 1989 it was appointed then the head of department of the Rheumatologischen outpatient clinic of the Semmelweis - Rokus - hospital in the centre of Budapest.

From 1990 she worked in Volmarstein, with Prof. Dr. Becker as an orthopaedic assistant. She assisted and operated with hundreds of bigger orthopaedic joint sufferings with, also with other prothetischen interventions it was in use an application. Later she has been an assistant in the orthopaedic clinic with Prof. Dr. Krämer, spinal specialist, and then was many years' they in the rheumatic-orthopaedic rehabilitation with Prof. Dr. Paas in Bad-Sassendorf.

In 2000 she took over then the oldest orthopaedic practise from MD of Canstein, traditional orthopaedist, and built up her call as well as her patient's trunk increasingly, besides, specialised in the ambulant pain therapy and chiropractic of rheumatic-orthopaedic patients and supports and discusses many furthermore with her competent second opinion before forthcoming or planned surgical interventions. In 2012 she has integrated herself into the private practice of Dr. Haffner and offers since then well-chosen private-medical achievements, primarily conservatively rheumatologisch orthopaedic methods of treatment. The spectrum of Dr. Katalin Berger is big and is inalienable for the private practice.

Priv. doz. Dr. med. Dagtekin

if clinic of Cologne has collected the roots of his career in the university where he looked after the department of anaesthesia and intensive medicine for years in leading position as a senior physician.

Since 2012 he is a lowered doctor and co-operates with the private practice and day clinic of Dr. Haffner. His competence is very important to us.



Dr. med. Bernhard Beckmann

if one of the erfahrensten anaesthetists is in Cologne which looks after several ambulant operation centres already for over 18 years as a lowered anaesthetist and carries out daily 10-20 anesthesias.

The patients of the private practice of Dr. Haffner estimate his Versiertheit and experience and the careful anesthesias mostly without slightest side effects. Dr. Beckmann already co-operates since 2001 with the private practice of Dr. Haffner since 2001 and is with his gigantic spectrum of experience values with countless anesthesias a respected colleague.